Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yes, it's a dog article! But the way I see it, God made us and our children. God gave us the amazing animals we've come to know as companion dogs. We are stewards.

This article is from the Bark magazine. Included is how much daily exercise time is recommended for different age groups, including children - with or without a dog. ;-)

Monday, September 02, 2013

Taking an idea back to the scriptures

A couple of articles I've read recently, written for parents but for teachers, too. These aren't specifically Christian but worth reading. Consider an approach like this...

"Collaborating with a 4-year old"  about parenting and art.

Can  you find stories in scripture where parents and children collaborated in childhood? As adults?  How about stories of God collaborating with Man? (Talk about a difference in skill and maturity!) Find the stories or the verses in context.

Don't tell kids how smart they are! 

Compliment their work, their effort, their ability to collaborate, their ability to find a solution for the problem. .. but is that what scripture says? Did you ever look?

Did God compliment His Son? Does God compliment Man? Find the stories or the verses in context. Did He? How much? When? To whom? What did God say?

How can you apply what you discover to your interaction with children?