Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Kids at House Blend (2)

All of you who have groups in your house understand that something like House Blend means a relatively clean house, a meal for 10-15+ , add worship semi-coordinated with whatever George decides to explore as topic which he thinks about for a week or a month but doesn't actually decide until Friday. Friday mid-morning, my husband whom I love, decided that it would be nice to use the idea of the yeast leavening the loaf and proposed this to me: Do you suppose "we" could bake one batch of homemade bread, (I assumed he meant pita bread, which he didn't), and then have one bowl of bubbling bread dough and one bowl of flour and yeast? Simple, right?...[mh grumbles...] In order to have bread finished and bubbling dough on cue, timing is important. It also helps, after you've already gone to the store, if your yeast isn't old and dead. But even in the midst of very very thick and sticky fingers it actually was a very good idea. The kids will remember it!

We did some of the songs Mike does on Sundays with simple choruses or a phrase that repeated that the kids could sing with us. They colored and we found various quiet distractions. If nothing else, we'll learn how to engage very active kids in worship at House Blend. And maybe we can somehow apply what we learn to Sundays. We'll keep working on it. [Next time remind me to bring out rhythm instruments.]


  1. See, that's why I use a bread machine. I can make dough by hand, but it's so much easier to put the ingredients in and push a button.

    As for killing your yeast, can't help you there.

  2. You did well with the timing, the dough was perfectly bubbly! The kids loved it.