Saturday, June 24, 2006

parenting and puppies

[I started this post back in May but never posted it. Here's the short of it.]

My puppies are teaching me far more than I can blog about without a separate puppy blog. (I should have had puppies before I had kids?)

I've been told that mother dogs know which puppy needs barely a nip and which puppies need a good solid bite to teach them. There may be a science to training dogs and a definate list of do's and don'ts but it seems that some of the most successful training is relational - love building mutual trust and respect. Quickly! Puppies grow much faster than children. At 9 months, they're teenagers and some of them stay that way a long time. :-) THANK GOD our children don't grow from babyhood to adolescence in 9 months. Imagine twins!

In the scriptures, how does God parent His people? How does He parent you?

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  1. I enjoyed this post. I was actually raising a woman's 4 children when I bought my first puppy. I bought all of the books and read them and did everything the books said. And my puppy was such a great puppy. Not just because I trained him- but because I loved him & showed him that. And this woman whose children I was taking care of was so annoyed that her children were so well behaved with me and my dog was so well behaved while hers was destructive and untrained in everyway. I would never want to make the parallel between a dog and a child but I was so angry that this woman who wouldn't pet, walk or even talk to her dog (the housekeeper fed the dog and let the dog in and out of the house and cleaned up after the dog). It just made me so angry that this woman who didn't have the time or energy to pet her dog went and had four children and was so unnattatched and unloving yet just like with her dog, she wanted them to do everything just so for her. Very very sad! But great post!