Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thoughts from the paper 6

His title and theme is that of welcoming children and showing hospitality. I haven't tried to revisit the obvious here. It's a wonderful paper. It really speaks for itself and I hope you read it. It doesn't take that long to read.

He ends with application. That's where the rubber hits the road.

How do we welcome and extend hospitality to each new or visiting adult in our faith community? How do we welcome and continually express hospitality to each adult who is regularly participating in our faith community? Think specific actions, here.

How do we welcome and extend hospitality to each child who passes through the life of our faith community? To those who pass through every week? Again, think specific actions. Are we giving to/serving the child or are we merely checking off the tasks on an impersonal agenda. Are we merely content to meet the objectives of our programs?

It's worth going back through the paper asking, point by point, "how is this thinking (what the scriptures show us) different from what we've understood up to this point?" "What has to change in our thinking?" "What has to change in our actions?"

"How do we do this?"

Lord, help us...

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