Friday, December 05, 2008


My 23 year old daughter is living home while she finishes grad school. She has the tree and decorations up and the house is still clean from Thanksgiving. This NEVER happens. Everyone needs an Amy!

We did a lot of handmade gifts, ornaments, and food for Christmas when the kids were growing up. She thought it would be fun to make tissue paper snow flakes for some of our multi-paned windows together this afternoon.

I pulled out some abandoned white tissue paper* this morning and I'd try a few. I was going to mass produce (cut multiple snowflakes at a time) but then I realized that every snowflake God creates is unique and different from the one before.

I was thinking fast, not pain-stakingly detailed! Not sure I'm that creative - to make 34 totally different snowflakes. I thought, "God is really is amazing!"

Made me think about God's time and how He chooses to spend it. Made me think about His creativity and about how very special and unique we each are because He made us that way.

*Try glittery tissue paper,too. Be creative!

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