Thursday, May 21, 2009

kind words

There is a forward wandering the net called "too busy for a friend". I'm not real big on FW's but I have a friend who sends them. The gist of this particular one is that a teacher asked the kids in her class to make a list of all the other students in the room, leave a space under each name and in that space write the nicest thing you can say about each one.

She collected all the papers and wrote up a sheet about each child listing all the nice things the other kids said about them.

The story goes on. One student went off to war. The boy was killed. At the funeral the parents told the teacher (a math teacher) that piece of notebook paper full of nice things was still in his wallet when he died all torn and worn. As his friends overheard the conversation each of the other students said they too had kept their notebook page some place special....and the story goes on... but what a special thing for a child or young adult to take away from school or Sunday school or any long term group experience like that.

I hope I say all the kind and encouraging things I can say to someone before the funeral.

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