Saturday, December 05, 2009

Prince of Peace

During Advent I often think about Isaiah 9:6 .

When you consider the list of God's names, did you ever consider what He did, what He does, that reflect each specific name? Example: "Shepherd" aptly describes much of God's interaction with Israel and for some of us one of the ways we know God in our own lives..

At what point in the gospels does He reveal Himself to reflect the names in Isaiah 9:6?

We see Him as child. We see Him as son representing His heavenly Father all through the gospels.

Where do we see Him carrying government on His shoulders?

When does He reveal Himself the promised Wonderful Counselor? When He promises His Holy Spirit? Or before? Is that word someone who gives counsel like a therapist or someone like a lawyer or an advocate?

We see Him as God - "I and the Father are One." Mighty God - Where in the gospels does He reveal Himself as Mighty God? When He heals? When the sky turns dark and the curtain in the temple is torn? Can you think of any other times when Jesus is mighty?

When does He show Himself our Everlasting Father? When does He call the grown ups around Him, "children?"

Prince of Peace - That's where I started, in my thinking. Reconciliation? Peace between man and God or was He doing even more peacemaking day to day when He walked the earth? Where in the gospels do you see Jesus bringing peace to situations? Why is He a prince of peace and not a king of peace?

Wouldn't you hate to have me in your Sunday School class? :-)

So that's my Advent meditation this year. Jesus - Prince of making peace . . .

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