Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday starts another liturgical season.

You could go through all of scripture. You could use the lectionary. Keep looking for children. Where were they? How would this event affect them? Were they there to hear the words? What would they hear? What would make sense to them? How did what their parents see or hear affect them?

What are the concrete nouns and actions in the passage that we can share with children to better know God? If I bring objects or pictures or speakers or talk about the science, the life cycle, the environment, the history, the culture . . . will it give a child more experiential understanding to bring to their hearing of God's word? Will they be more apt to remember it? Will they be better able to process it? Not from an adult's perspective - not from your perspective but from theirs.

With the Holy Spirit's help, of course. Think small, simple & short. How can you explore God's Word, God's stories, with children in ways that will help them to better know God ?

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