Saturday, May 29, 2010

from a slightly different angle

Matt 38-48 (NIRV)

All that Jesus said & did, all that He was, represented God - "I and the Father are One." "That which I see my Father doing, I do." Even when push, came to shove, came to crucifixion, He lived the words He spoke . . .

If you take all that Jesus said and substitute: "God can ask us to be like this because this is the way God is -" from throwing tables, to healing, to turning the other cheek - the hard stuff...

We assume (we've always learned) that all the things Jesus told us, all God's rules... this is how we're supposed to act...Is it more empowering to understand/know/see that He can ask us to do these things because this is how God acts? This is how God behaves? This is who God is. . .the God we believe in...the God we trust...the God who made us...Father, Son, Holy Spirit?

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