Friday, September 17, 2010

craft to teach about the Holy Spirit

Here's a craft for kids about the wind & the Holy Spirit.

You can use white paper, colored paper, thin tracing paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper . . . .

Cut 1 square head (or round if you want 3 different shapes). Cut 1 triangle hat. Fold the bottom edge of the hat up if you like. Cut a larger square for the body. Cut 2 arms as long as the width of a piece of construction or white paper. Cut 2 legs as long as the length of a piece of paper. Everything can be 1/2 to an inch wide.

Glue hat to head and head to body. Make a face with googly eyes or pencil or thin markers.

Fold each arm & leg accordian-like.

Glue arms & legs to the body or punch holes & use brads to attach them.

Securely attach a string or piece of yarn to the head. (glue, tape, or tie it to the brad)

Take the paper person outside in the wind or hang him in an open window and wait for the wind to blow.


  1. You should post a picture of this craft.

  2. . . . in it's simplest form ... done! . . . You can make cardboard shapes ahead of time for kids to trace & cut. Kids can color the guy/girl. They can use different paper so he/she looks clothed. They can make more than one to create a mobile with straws & yarn...when the wind blows, it will move with the wind...Very light flexible paper will blow more than very heavy stiff paper... picture lots of these characters hanging all over the place on a windy day ... lots to ponder...