Thursday, January 27, 2011

"...stories in the scriptures about temptation. . ."

Stories where God told someone to do something and they didn't or where God told someone not to do something and they did would count as stories about giving in to temptation.

Choosing to do (or not to do) what God told them, even when it was hard, would be a story about resisting temptation:

Here are a few of those stories:

Adam & Eve
Cain & Abel
Joseph & the guy's  wife (I've forgotten his name)
The Golden Calf
(Maybe) Lot
Lot's wife
David & Bathsheba
Jesus and Satan
Jesus in the Garden

See if you can think of more...not what you would call "sin" by our traditional religious church standards...look at "God said do..." and someone didn't or "God said don't..." and someone did. Or they were tempted to disobey God but they didn't.  Maybe they made a choice to honor God and do something that was very hard. Job's wife wanted him to deny God. Daniel chose not to eat the rich food offered at the king's table. You could probably count breaking one of the 10 commandments if you look at the stories that took place after God gave the commandments to Moses. See what you can find...

You could also do a word study. If you use "tempt," I think "tempted" and "temptation" will show up too.

I'm guessing you'll see things you didn't see before.

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