Thursday, March 17, 2011

Remembering (revised)

As you're searching your memories, next time you go to Bible Gateway search for "remember."

God remembered Noah and the animals and His covenant with them.

God remembered Abraham when He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah.

God remembered Rachael when she was struggling to conceive.

It will mean more to you if you go back and read it and ponder in light of remembering. If you keep track of the things God does for you, remember that God is remembering you. Not to mark God as everybody's houseboy but noticing and giving God credit is a way to honor and worship Him daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes moment by moment. Wow! Out of millions of human beings and generations of human beings, God remembers me!

Keep going with the search.

What does God remember through the scriptures? What do you remember? What does He tell us to remember?

As I started reading through those passages I got distracted as usual. I don't recall noticing Gen.31:49-51 (NIV) before. Laban, a God-fearing father, calling God to be a witness between he and his future son-in-law if Jacob ever  mistreats his daughters or takes other wives . . . just read it. Then go and read what happened in the lives of Jacob and these two women.

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