Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mark 11. (I was looking for the passage about Palm Sunday. Here it is in one of the gospels)

The close up view is to look at the "Hosanna" story and see how many details you notice. The zoom out story is to look at the simple, obvious big picture.

What age would you tell this story to? What parts would appeal to which age? How can you tell it without compromising the story? If you were a child, and you were there, what would it be like? What would you see & hear and experience? As a toddler or preschooler? As an elementary aged child, as a pre-teen, as a teen, as a parent? How about someone who wasn't a parent? Was it common in that culture NOT to be around children? What can you discover about Jesus?

How many different stories are there in this chapter? (There may be more than the headings in your Bible.) Look at them one at a time. How is it that this story goes with the other stories in this chapter? What ages would you tell them too? Why? Do you find the same stories with the "Hosanna" story in the other gospels? Which stories? Does it matter?

What about the variations on one story from gospel to gospel? Same stories, different writers, different points of view. Still God's story - the story of His Son. Still God's Word.

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