Saturday, May 26, 2012

If you want LOTS of great ideas for kids get yourselves on Pinterest. It's visual but the links will send you back to the source. People "pin" pics from sites they like. I wasn't all that interested in yet another virtual distraction but it really is a gold mine for ideas.

My first impression was that it was about materialism and consumerism but it doesn't have to be. I started making boards for things I care about and it wasn't about consumerism (for me).

I recently saw a teacher's board FULL of kid ideas, crafts, books. Very very cool!!

Check it out. You can probably also use it as yet another source for networking if you haven't already!


  1. HI, Margie. Thought you might like to glance at my Pinterest Boards:
    I'd love to look at yours!
    Also, don't know if you caught up with the emerging church & children conference that happened in Washington recently. You can read some of the reflections on it here:
    Best wishes from your friend across the pond.

  2. Thanks Mary!

    Pinterest -

    Just personal boards but come visit! Came digging through EK for some of my pins! My daughter got me started. Didn't think I'd like it much because it seemed so consumer focused but when I started pinning the things I care about, I like the visual bulletin board affect. Yet another virtual distraction! Love the graphic of it but sadly it doesn't do justice to the invisible . . .

    Here is the link for the lady with the great ideas! . I hope it's ok to put it here...

    Enjoy! Summer's here!