Sunday, September 09, 2012


Someone asked me, how does reading a book like this change how you do what you do, or how you interact with people?

Any book that draws attention to sides of God clearly revealed in the scriptures but that we don't pay attention to is worth noting. How we perceive God affects how we reflect Him, which affects the people around us and their understanding of the God we claim. Admittedly, some are healers and some are warriors at two extremes. God is both and more.

In Genesis, we hear God sharing his thoughts.

He shared His work with Adam. He gave Adam opportunity to contribute.

God adjusted to the way Adam and Eve exercized their free will. He protected them and all that He had made. He had to manage the situation.

He clothed them when they discovered they were naked.

God created a world that kept creating.

God's creation never stopped being good even though it suffered for man's failure to believe God.  God didn't change His mind about that.

The work God intended for man changed when man chose not to believe God.

Man's relationship with Eve and with the serpent changed.

God isn't operating as a tyrannical monarch. Benevolent dictator? Benevolent, for sure.

God is amazingly patient but His patience has limits.

God had regrets but still didn't trash all that He had created.

Pick a chapter of scripture and make observations about God. Is He the God you know?

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