Thursday, October 18, 2012


Are rules and law the same?

Do you see God's Ten Commandments (or even Jesus' two commandments) as restorative? Redemptive? How do they affect the web of  relationships between God and man and all that God has created and our stewardship? How do they affect children?

How does God model them for us?  How do we model them for children?

How does it affect the rest of creation and communities around us when we keep God's law? When we keep those two commandments?

Why do you have the rules you have? (Safety? To win obedience kudos? So a child can grow to be all he can be?) So things will go well with you and you will live long in the land God gives you?

Do the rules we have redeem and restore in the context of all that God has created?

Think about God, creation, law, kids. What stories in the scriptures influence how we think about these relationships?

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