Sunday, May 19, 2013

Grape Vines

We took my youngest daughter out to eat for her 24th birthday in the middle of Finger Lakes wine country.

Thought about you guys as I stared out the window at a field of grape vines. Sorry. Forgot my camera. The trunks were noticeably old and thick. The leaves small, tender, new.  These are fairly young wineries.

The vinier had surely cut out all the dead wood that didn't bear any fruit and pruned back the branches that did. Someone who went to college in wine country on Lake Erie once told us how the smell of the grapes in the fields before harvest hung heavy in the air.

They'll be picking lots of ripe grapes in the fall and crushing the grapes and letting the juice mellow and age ...

Made me think of old traditions and new ideas, old folks and children, good fruit, bad fruit, crushed fruit and dead wood...

Went back and read John 15 .

If you're driving through wine country use the opportunity to ponder God's thoughts about vines and grapes and vineyards and wine...aged wine... Take a tour. Go back and read John 15.

Behind the restaurant was an abandoned field of grapevines, unpruned, unkept, obscured by all the other plant life left to take over the field...The vines are still there. They just won't bear the quality or quantity of fruit that the other field will.

Lots to ponder...

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