Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Thoughts

Do you have a real live manger scene to visit this season? Maybe at your own church. Maybe at a neighboring church?

How about a barn full of farm animals with all the smells and textures, out in the cold...

If the sky is clear this week, look up into the sky after dark and check out the stars...

If you live near a desert or a big salt lake, check out the moon, if it's still in the sky...

Do you wander from house to house singing Christmas carols? Does it make you think of the angels?

Do folks sleeping on the street make you think of shepherds?

Do unwed mothers remind you of Mary?

Do new babies remind you of Jesus?

Do you find yourself without something that you think you need to celebrate the season, like a place to spend the night?

Break away from traditional thought. Ponder the stories.

Think about the folks who were there when Christ Jesus arrived on this earth, who do they make you think about today: city folk, country folk, animals, rich, poor, celestial, the impatient, the generous...anybody else?

Venite adoramus! 

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