Saturday, August 09, 2014

Are you keeping up?

I don't consider myself techno-savy but I have family members working with kids, teens and families. Sent this to them. Forgot about you!

I assume that if you're an active parent or if you're currently working with children or teens, you keep up on this kind of info. Check this out.

Sidebar: I am not condoning the sites or the advertising and I apologize in advance. I have no desire to offend. But the app info is important. You can be the Navy seal rushing in to retrieve valuable information.

Who is the enemy? Would you recognize the spirit if you were face to face?

More important, can your kids recognize and differentiate between "friend" and "foe"? Do they have the strength and courage to say "Yes" to friend and "No" to foe? How do we train them?

End of Sidebar.

Here's the app info:

Scary apps that you need to know about. For parents, guardians, teachers, anyone with children using computers or smart phones who are in your care...

This site, as well. This one is a bit more tame.

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