Friday, May 09, 2008

What's up at Artisan?

This info came directly from the Artisan e-news. I looked for the same info on the website so I could just send you there but didn't find it. Hopefully they won't mind the advertisement! The second part looks particularly fun for kids in worship. (You can still check out their website!)
Walk The Line

Somewhere between the extremes lies the elusive middle ground. Are we to seek balance or revel in the tension?

Mixing the sounds of The Civil Rights Movement, The Black Crowes, and Over the Rhine, with the timeless insights of scripture. You're invited to this music infused series, with a fresh soundtrack each week! Perfect for Inviting!

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We've got something messy planned for Sunday's services. Which is great, because messy, more often than not, equals FUN. As part of our Walk the Line Between Sacred and Secular theme, we'll have an art canvas that people will be invited to paint on during the service. And of course we will allow children to participate in this part of worship with appropriate parental guidance.

So: if your kids will be painting, please have them come prepared. The paints are water-based and washable, so it will come off skin very easily, but it will stain clothing, so kids should either wear old clothes or bring some sort of apron or smock.

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