Thursday, October 09, 2008

If Money Gets Tight

When money gets tight, what happens to kids? If one or two parents lose their jobs what happens to kids? What will go? As faith communities, are there ways we can prepare for that or help people prepare? Should we?

As individuals and as individual families, we haven't experienced a depression before. I don't know how much we can look back at the last one and compare. Not sure the average person spent as much money or as large a % of their income on entertainment, enrichment, and childcare as we do for our kids. Not sure families were as dependent on those things as we are today. It would be an interesting thing to find out. Think about the social side of all this, too.

As we tighten our belts, what will go? What will go in the lives of individual children and groups of children? Will they need something to fill that space? What will it be?

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