Thursday, June 25, 2009

God-breathed. . .

OK. I don't see well enough to read this! Let's change the font!

". . .all scripture is god breathed" - activities or crafts: another search someone did. Never really thought about explaining the concept of "God-breathed" to children but we probably talked about it. There may be more insights to be had from a word study or whatever knowledge of the original language you might have. (Maybe it was an idiom?) Where else in scripture did they use that same word?

I got thinking about things we do with our breath. You could define it but the concrete of it is what we do all day everyday.

We breathe in.
We breathe out.
Ants breathe, elephants breathe!
If living things don't breathe, we die.
How long can you hold your breath?
We keep breathing.
God breathed! implies to me that it wasn't just once

What can you do with your breath?
You can blow.
You can have a blowing contest to see who has the most breath. (It might not be the biggest person in the room.)
You can blow a pin-wheel or blow a kiss. You can blow the seeds of a dandelion.
You can blow on a cold window and write your name. That was the first thing I thought of when I thought of (scripture-God breathed-kids) but the words won't stay there.
You can give mouth to mouth resuscitation to keep someone alive but I'm not sure that people in the scriptures knew about that.God probably did.

Bad breath, sweet breath.
Coughing, spreading germs. Not sure people in scripture knew about that either, but again - God did.
Breath comes out of your mouth. Words come out of your mouth - stories, commands, laughter, anger, sadness . . .

So this isn't an activity. This isn't an answer. It's just something to get you thinking. God exhaled and gave us His word? Doesn't sound the same as "all scripture is God-breathed". Not sure why. Maybe because there's something present tense about it. See where your pondering leads you . . .

You may find that, after exploring all the different things you can do with your breath, just saying it that way - "All scripture is "God-breathed . . . " is enough for young imaginations.

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