Saturday, June 20, 2009

John 8 - the middle and the end

I'm using the NIV, by the way.

Pause after the first story.

If you have older kids or adults use John 8 as a reading with voices.

[Someone to read for Jesus, voices for all the other participants, a narrator]

If you know something about drama and skits take it to the next level. Pay attention to props, set, [vs 20 "He spoke these words while teaching in the temple area near the place where the offerings were put". Is this important? John notes this.]

Pause between verse 20 and verse 21. Then keep going!

In verse 31 Jesus is speaking to a group within a group - the leaders who believe Him and those who don't. Visually you can put the kids in different colored T-shirts in a mixed crowd, but when Jesus speaks to those who believe him, that group has the same color and they move closer to one another and really focus on Jesus.

Remember that no one knew Jesus would die and then be alive when Jesus was talking to them.

So play with this. Do it. Become participants. When you talk about it afterwards, listen to the kids' observations.

If you must ask questions: What did you learn about Jesus? What did you learn about God the Father? What did you learn about following Jesus?

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