Monday, July 06, 2009

Story Activities

Did I mention I'm cleaning out my house with the help of my young adult children. An endless task x 7 (Not some symbolic #, 7 people live here (or still have stuff here.)

I think I mentioned taking a colored Bible picture, gluing it on a piece of cardboard and cutting it into an appropriate number of pieces to make a puzzle for the age of the child doing the puzzle. Here's another.

Years ago we had some Sunday School handouts with comic book style colored pictures. At some point I cut those out and glued them to cardboard so the kids could put the story pictures in the right order to tell the story. You can use things like this as take-home activities but you can also leave them in the room to play with or as tools that the kids can use to revisit or retell the stories that you do over the course of a season or a whole year. You can lay out some of the pieces with one or two pieces missing so the kids can fill in the missing details. You can lay out the pictures and see if the kids recognize it or let them tell you the story . . . Use your imagination.

Not expensive, a little time consuming. You can also use these as crafts for older kids to make for younger children. If you have woodworkers you can glue the picture to a piece of wood to make longer lasting puzzles. If it's for educational purposes you might be ok, but in this day and age it wouldn't hurt to revisit the copyright law.

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