Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some of you may blast me for this link's association with the Mormon Church but this is a link for LikentheBible Productions. I'm not opposed to an occassional Bible story in the form of accurate, age appropriate, G rated, multi-media, family entertainment. Are you?

You always have to preview something before you present it to an audience. I'm guessing that if you dig hard enough you'll find something wrong with everything. Know where you draw your lines. Know where your adult audience draws their lines. Know where they draw the line for their kids.

Ask open-ended questions so you can find out what your kids took away with them from the presentation. Whatever resources you use, consider it food for conversation and a spring board to shape young thoughts and feelings and faith. Age appropriately, of course.

Hey, the Israelites left Egypt with their spoils . . . and someone will say, "And look what happened to them..." Ok...just something to think about. Go back and see if God told them to.

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