Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conclusion: " Implications of a Relational Theology of Creation: Human Vocation and Nonhuman Vocation" *

*from God and World in the Old Testament: A Relational Theology by Terence E. Fretheim

This is a really interesting chapter. It has to do with purpose. It's not uncommon for us as humans to talk about purpose. Dr. Fretheim calls it "vocation" and goes beyond human vocation to non-human vocation. He concludes this work talking about "a mutuality of human vocation and non-human vocation." An "interrelated community."  "dependence," "independence," "interdependence." All are present. (p. 269). Have you ever thought about the job God gave rocks? or birds? or trees?

Exploring the scriptures, giving language and voice to the traditionally  Unheard,  he proposes a "relational model of creation."  (p. 269-272) He applies what he's saying to the present age. At various points throughout the book looking at the interrelatedness of God, Man, the natural world, God's "chosen" and those "outside" he asks the question "who is serving whom?" (p. 273-284)

He talks about the healing capabilities of the non-human (p. 283) and sin limiting praise (p. 284).

God is present, yet independent, yet interdependent.

I'm sure if I read it again, other things will jump out at me. Read it! It might take a year or two to read but take the time to read the scriptures. See where the scriptures take you.

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