Monday, November 12, 2012

Pondering Chapters 8 & 9

Finished reading all but the Notes. Probably won't read them, actually.

Pondering. When I have more time to sit and write...

Dog people have challenged the dominance model in dog training, parents and society have rejected heavy-handed parenting, as Dr. Freitheim searches and studies the Old Testament he sees an interdependence between God Creator, Man, and all that God has made. He challenges our traditional thinking.

God is still God - separate from what he's made and yet He fills. He is still all that He says he is - Powerful, Benevolent, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Metaphors from nature tell us things about Him that comparing God to man don't.

God, Man, all that God has set in motion are interdependent in more ways than we think about.

Dr Freitheim challenges our thinking that man is the center of God's thinking and all that God creates exists to serve man.  O, Man - life is not just about you!! A humbling thought?

But God is there - faithful! Caring, nurturing, holding us to high standards, relating, watching, protecting, intervening sometimes but not always, teaching ... intimately acquainted with all that He's created and how it all works together. Back and forth, give and take...Fascinating!

The scriptures stand. God is who He says He is. Worthy of our praise. In it's fullness, all creation praises Him and God says, "It is good!"

As I say, still pondering. When I have time to sit and write more...

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