Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I posted the word study then read through it and almost took it down. It leaves us with more questions than answers. Hopefully our relational faith can handle that.

Centuries ago before the days of word studies, I'm guessing that it was the stories, the heroes, that most people remembered. The scriptures are full of stories about tragedy, among them the massacre in Bethlehem and the surrounding area. Talk about a reason to hate God!

But comfort. . .

Where are the songs and stories of comfort? Job. Isaiah.Lamentations. Psalms.  John and the promised Comforter. You can probably find others. There were surely older siblings, parents, family and friends left in the wake of Herod's work...

Scripture is clear that there are times when we are so overcome by tragedy and grief that we can't be comforted. May we find the God of Comfort close to those who need Him. May He wrap His everlasting arms around those who grieve in ways that we can't.

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