Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If you'd like another word to search as you're searching out the God of the scriptures - "still", "quiet", "silent", "without words", or "without speaking" (depending on which translation you use) . . . can you think of Bible stories where still or quiet or silence is a key element? Verses?

"Stop fighting!" "anger," "grieve," "weeping" . . . from the last post and this post - words you'll find along the way . . .


  1. Hi Margie! I was looking around for ideas on emergent church children's ministry when I clicked on a link to your blog. I was very surprised to see the name of my church listed under your labels. I was even more surprised to start reading your "Artisan" posts and discover that they are about my church! I have recently been hired on as Artisan's children's pastor after being a member there for over 3 years. It's so neat to read through the posts about Artisan's early days and learn about our children's ministry "history"! It sounds like you guys did some great stuff! I'll definitely be spending more time reading through your thoughts on children's ministry!

    1. How cool is that! Great bunch of people! Not in Roc anymore but if you want me to field a question, feel free to ask. The blog actually started before I knew anything about blogging. As I say, long story. If you decide to blog about what you're doing there after you get started anyone who's been reading might really enjoy hearing about what's happening now. Lot's of changes I expect. Fumbling w/my sister's iPad. Sorry! (margie hillenbrand)