Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Book to Talk About! Actually, Two!

Not long ago, I read a very short but loaded book by J.B. Phillips. Yes, he is one of the individuals who translated the New Testament. The book was Your God is Too Small. It truly challenges what we believe about God in the light of what scripture says. A challenging book for a parent/teacher group Bible study. An important book for people ministering to children in Christ-following faith communities.

Now, I am reading New Testament Christianity also by J.B. Phillips. Both are very small (as in short) books: 90-100 pages.  I'm reading this on the sly because it's a Christmas present. I wanted to read it first.

The main points Phillips makes are so important, so foundational to how we think. And if they are crucial for us as adult believers, how much more for children?

I admit his introduction is a bit stuffy. He's telling you why he feels compelled to write the book, but hang in there! The rest of the book will keep your attention. These are very short books that should send you back to the scriptures "to see if these things be so."

Chapter 1 "The Angel's Point of View" - a reminder that is it utterly amazing that the God of the Universe chose to visit us. Beyond our ability to even comprehend!  Worth celebrating at Christmastime.

Chapter 2 "God Makes News" is another reminder that ties into Christmas: "Emmanuel, God With Us" - God came and lived among us and that was beyond our comprehension and the understanding of those who lived with him. How did His presence with them effect their everyday lives?

We've become so dull to the Amazing that we say with our minds. Of course. I knew that. But maybe such understanding, too wonderful for us, should bowl us over!

Chapter 3 "The Faith Faculty."  I'm only half-way through this very short chapter. Phillips approaches this with fresh perspective looking at the visible and invisible world. Faith is in some ways a portal, if you will; in other ways, a muscle to be exercised.  If Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Door to the Father and faith is what we need to access Him . . . is there anything more important for us to give our children? Is it ours to give? Or only by example and through prayer?

Going back to read more.

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