Monday, December 01, 2014

Non-electronic Christmas thoughts

Our kids are grown but they seem to enjoy coming home for some combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We almost put the tree up this year while they were still here for Thanksgiving. No grand kids yet. But thinking about traditions.

Years ago someone wrote an article in New Wine magazine about creating Christmas ornaments each year that reminded them of something God did that year, or something to be thankful for. Over the years, we made ornaments and bought ornaments for the tree with that in mind.

You could do that in Sunday school classrooms, too, or even as a multi-generational church activity.

You could even combine Thanksgiving and Christmas: collect magazine pictures of something each child (or person) is thankful for this year. [Instead of a magazine picture of something each person is thankful for, consider a photo of each person.]

Collect metal juice can lids (hammer a hole in the lid for the hook). Glue each picture to a lid.

Seal (with something like modgepodge). Sprinkle the wet sealer with glitter.

Hang them on a class or church Christmas tree.

Send each person's decoration home on Christmas or Christmas Eve.

If you play with this, you'll probably come up with a better idea.

I have to say that if you do this every year at home, eventually you will need a separate memory box to keep all those kid-friendly juice can lid pictures but what a fun box to open with grand kids if you decorate your tree together at the end of Thanksgiving! We have pictures of babies, hamsters, a computer, homes. When I dig out my Christmas boxes, I'll post photos.

Each picture ornament comes with a story and a real live storyteller. :-)

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