Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wonder with me...

I decided that I'll share my "wonder" questions from Mt 14: 13-23 with you after all. There are way too many questions here but I realize that leaving you with the last questions I asked skips the steps it took to get there. Pick one or two to ponder or some of your own. I also realize that this is a different approach to interacting with the Word. There may be no right or wrong answers. You're imagining yourself there. You're taking part in the story. You're interacting with a story of Jesus. Interacting with the Word this way, you may encounter Him in a way you didn't know Him before.

Wonder with me. . .I wonder...

Why did Jesus withdraw to a solitary place? Why do you withdraw to be alone?

Who are all these people?

Why are the people coming from different towns?

How did they hear?

How far did they walk?

How did they feel after walking so far?

Did they know where they were going?

How did they find Him in His boat?

How did they know it was Jesus?

Jesus traveled by boat, the people walked. Why?

If He was withdrawing to a solitary place why were His disciples there?

I wonder how those men got to be his followers?

What does it feel like to be in a crowd of family and strangers following someone you've never met to some remote place?

Didn't they have anything else to do? So why did they go?

Why did they bring their children?

What does it feel like when someone cares about you and heals you?

How does it feel to watch lots of people being healed when someone speaks to them or touches them?

How does it feel when it gets late and the people won't go away?

How does it feel when it gets late and someone gives you more work to do?

How does it feel when someone expects you to feed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish?

How does it feel to have one of His followers hand you some bread? Was that guy smiling or was he scowling?

How does it feel to watch these men pass five loaves of bread and two fish around a crowd of 5000 and not run out?

How much bread and fish did they eat?

How does it feel to have enough to eat?

How does it feel to watch the disciples picking up more leftovers than they started with?

It's late but you watch Him send the men, women, and children away. He sends you away. How does it feel when Jesus sends you away?

He sends his followers off in the boat. He starts up a mountain alone. What do you think?

How does it feel when He tells you to go home?

How does it feel when He goes away?

What did the children experience that day? What did they ask their parents?

Would they remember?

Would their parents tell the story over and over the way parents do?

I wonder...

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