Monday, May 01, 2006

Doubting Thomas

Sunday, the Pastor Brian did an engaging sleight-of-hand-trick for the kids and talked with adults about Thomas and his doubts. Because Thomas needed to touch Jesus to believe He was alive, I put a different object in each of 20 unmatched white socks, 10 for sanctuary and 10 for foyer. Seemed a reasonable alternative to noisy paper bags. (We won't ask why I have so many unmatched socks in my house.) Used clip art and primitive drawing skills to make a picture chart of the objects in the socks. The kids could point to what they felt in the sock, peak to see if they were right and put it back in the basket for another child. Should have made more sheets. Threes and fours in the Foyer and older kids in the sanctuary seemed to enjoy the activity. Some two's were curious to reach in the sock but most, not.

Need 3-piece familiar object or Bible puzzles for the foyer if you happen to see anything like that. Tried coloring and cutting puzzles out of past Bible story pictures this week. Not impressive.

In a world full of expensive toys and learning activities making things from nothing grows God-given creativity. Though the quality may not be master-craftsman caliber, kids can duplicate what they use at church when they get home. Seems appropriate for a place called Artisan Church, at least for now.

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