Wednesday, May 31, 2006


[Children's Spirituality Chpt 13 "A Child's Concept of God" by Joyce E. Bellous , Simone A. de Roos (author of Educating Faith: An Approach to Christian Formation), and William Summey - an international team of authors.]

This may be the mother lode of this particular article:

As a child, our sense of self grows from the gaze of our primary caregiver. "If the child perceives itself as wonderful and worthy in [the eyes of his/her primary caregiver] life is good...the child can relax...[If] the image formed is of a bad child, if the child has not been able to fulfill the conditions that inhere in the narrative parents told themselves about the child before its birth, there is likely to be a conflict of being. The child senses that what is wrong is not what the child does but what he or she is. The child can not please parents or his or her God except by becoming a different sort of person . . . the child can never relax." (p. 207)

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