Thursday, July 31, 2008

Communitas, community...

I was reading something on a church blog and found the term "communitus." I wanted to find out what it meant so, of course, I googled it. Didn't find too much. Why? Because you have to spell it "communitas" to find any useful information. (And I think it's Latin, not Greek) Turns out there's some info out there.

Emergent Kiwi has some interesting thoughts.


Britannica describes a medieval community in the Lowlands (Netherlands?) explores the difference between communitas and community.

Here's a faith perspective.

Brother Maynard at Subversive Influence as of Sept. 2007. And you can probably find more on his site.

I found "community on purpose" as a definition on this blog. This post is worth reading because his observations remind us that in so many ways our culture is creating and encouraging the opposite of community and communitas in our children. There are ways that our obsession with technology makes us narcissistic. There are other ways that I think kids (and adults) feel like they actually have a close community and camaraderie through their online connections. The question is whether or not it's real, true, flesh & blood or virtual. How do you know?

My list isn't exhaustive.

What Jesus and His disciples had could probably be described as communitas - when community becomes more than just a community, a gathering, a social group. Many people experience that "more" at some point in their lives. Have you? How old were you? When? Where? How? Are you still close?

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