Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pondering Missional #4: The age-old wheel

People may think we're reinventing the wheel. Sometimes you have to do that to be able to see it differently or to make the little adjustments that really matter to help the wheel work better.

Some people think it already works. Some people think it doesn't. Works for what you want it to do, but not what I want it to do. Maybe it doesn't work for what God wants it to do. Maybe it used to work, but not anymore.

And what do you want? Just something that looks different? Something that works different? Something that works more efficiently? Something that will give you a different result? Something that's easier to use or takes less time? A beautiful wheel? A wheel that can work with other wheels? A wheel made out of a different material - because it breaks so easily or because it needs to hold up in a different environment? or maybe we're running out of wood get the idea.

Wheels are nice. They get you where you want to go. Sometimes you have to fix them. Sometimes you need a new design or new materials not because the wheel is God, but because you have a job to do and you need a well-designed wheel to do it. Can you tell I live with an engineer?

...And life goes on...

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