Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feeling small

This post is about as random as it gets, even for me!

My daughter of 27 years sent me this site - Little people art on the streets of London, UK. If you keep looking, you'll find some interesting images of cathedrals and a street corner Jesus sign. It made my daughter think of the Borrowers in the big city. Head here if you need to remember how small and insignificant we are, still remembering that God is very aware of each and every "me" and each and every "us,"

This is the other one she sent me. They're related. Head here if you're tired of the rat race and you want to think slow! Just realize that if your children ever bring home a snail from the loading dock behind the church building on a Sunday after church, and they leave it loose on the kitchen table you will quickly realize that snails are not as slow as people have been led to believe, so keep your eye on the little critters.

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