Friday, September 12, 2008


Prayers to those of you in Houston and evacuating down there. I have some family members there. Lots of people, many 20's and under, will be converging on my cousin's house north of the area. If they're able to stay, they may still find themselves without electricity. It's never been fun to be in a storm when all the wires are dead if it lasts more than a day or two. We found ways to feed ourselves, stay warm and amuse ourselves. But if I had a house full of teens and young kids in a storm today?

How much of the life of the children (and adults) in your life depends on TV, computers, and video games? Gas stoves. Battery powered gadgets work for a while. Wi Fi and cell phones, maybe. How much of a child's ability to entertain him/herself today depends on electricity? Pray for the parents and kids in Houston. Talk about stress.

Grace, wisdom, patience, endless creativity, and the ability to savor laughable moments in the serious face of disastor.

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