Monday, September 08, 2008

Puppy Update

Did I tell you we had victory at the vets? God is good. We did the party approach. Took Ellie and Nyah together and two kids. Ellie actually let the vet come within 2 feet of her and almost touch her - no teeth or aggressive wierdness. We spent the better part of this year playing with a scarf muzzle, hugging, restraining, brushing, playing Fisher-Price doctor kit games with lots of hotdogs-even without hotdogs . They always run to their crate and hide after the painless flea med application but now, Ellie comes back out of her crate faster than Nyah. I have funny wierd dogs. We keep working on Ellie and social every time I pick up flea and heartworm meds. Nyah was good. She likes the vet - not going to the vet but she likes the vet.

Woke up yesterday morning and looked at Nyah sleeping on the floor in my room and it looked like she'd gone to the emergency room and had her paws wrapped while I was sleeping. Tape. Random white tape. Nobody seems to know how or what or where she found it. I soaked both paws with a wet cloth thinking it would come off easier. One paw went pretty quickly. Not too traumatic. I could step on the end, she walked away and the tape came off but she was pretty distraught. Think fur and paw pads here.

Most of it was loose enough that we could do a little of Mom holding tape and Nyah pulling away. With the long pieces we tried Mom stepping on the end of the tape and Nyah pulling. It worked pretty well but not fun for the dog. Tape kept coming off but there was always more. When we did it outside (so she had an outdoor place to pee) she just wanted to bolt. Hotdogs were pretty irrelevant. Kept soaking her feet with a wet wash cloth. That was ok. Lots of breaks inbetween. By the time I left the house (2 1/2 hours) most of it was off except for the bottom of one paw. While I was gone, the kids took her out to play and run and get wet. By the time I got back (5 hours later) it was all clear.

Today, she's my friend again but out of sorts. Have no idea where she found it to begin with. None of us do. The days of hanging out waiting for young adults kids to come home after Mom goes to sleep are over. I should have taken a picture. It really was wrapped up enough to look like a bandage. I'm thinking she will never again touch a roll of anything sticky or she will never again touch a trash can. Either way, not all bad unless her stomach looks like her foot. Then we're in big big trouble.

We don't get bored around here.

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