Friday, November 14, 2008

Exploring possibilities 1

I'd like to visit Dr. Yust's article with you.

Anytime we enter a discussion about such things we enter with assumptions. Everyone participating is entering with assumptions. Sometimes it facilitates communication to identify them ahead of time.

People approaching this article from a liturgical point of view will come with different perceptions than those who don't. People who believe that it isn't enough to grow up in the church, you have to be born again, will come with a different point of view. But let's assume that all of the different worship models in whatever ways they capture the scriptures and represent Christ in their models are just snapshots of Jesus from different angles but He's the same God. If you want to argue that you probably don't want to keep reading...

I'm going to challenge you to revisit your worship service, whatever it looks like today, and apply the observations that Dr. Yust is making in her article for different age groups.

If you are actively working with children and families I suggest you keep specific faces in mind.

Are you ready?

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