Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full Circle

Perhaps you've heard this analogy before. If not, a quote:

"Mary [Mary Hawes - National Children's Officer (Advisor) for the Church of England UK] and her husband enjoy, passionately, watching Watford Football Club - and are convinced the football ground offers one or two tips for the Church.

'What I've discovered is there you have a microcosm of what the best all-age worship could possibly be,' Mary says, referring to how adults explain to children what's going on in the hope a love of football will develop.

'That speaks of what we should do in church,' she adds. 'As adults we should be sharing what we have, what we love about worshipping God, with youngsters.'"

No matter UK football and American football are not the same, the picture can apply to any sport* or activity you love as a family. Keen observation! Imagine our faith growing like that!

She sent this wonderful article by Dr. Karen Marie Yust our way. If you came to this blog 3 years ago because we were talking ALOT about including children in worship, please read it. Lots to think about. [If you note the source at the bottom of each page you'll find it at Lifelong] (Thank you, Mary!)

Guess we've come full circle, folks, and now it looks like there are lots more people (leaders!) carrying the ball. Exciting times we live in! Exciting times for children.

I used all the tags below intentionally. I'll let you figure out why.

* The only difference for me, I hate thinking of worship as a spectator sport.


  1. Ah - but it's not spectating! The guys we sit with are every much a part of the game as the players! If they don't join in (cheering, shouting encouragement, wearing the scarves & T-shirts), the players are not so focussed. We ALL have a role - the ones who dress up (!) AND the ones who occupy the terraces. (And when your team isn't doing so well - like Watford at the moment) you keep on hanging in there.....)

  2. Great point! I'll have to think about that one...