Monday, January 05, 2009

"...non-educational create faith-filled homes..."

Can you tell I'm sitting at my computer today?

Keep your eye on Carla's column. That's not what she calls it but she's starting The Discussion again. (January 09 is pretty recent!) WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THE CONVERSATION!!! People more in tune with the emerging church than I am are STILL LOOKING FOR THE CONVERSATION!

But maybe we're still formulaic . Maybe it will just happen and not be a conversation. Maybe the spiritual formation of children will stop being institutional, organizational, what other words would describe where we're coming from as we wander into the unknown?

Scary? Not if the result is a faith-filled generation who can pass that faith on to their own kids.

Here is the part to think about - the part I liked: ". . . we need to start providing families with resources that don't rely on the educational model to help them create faith-filled homes."

Interesting? Interesting! Too bad I just started a series of posts on a book! But we all know how easily distracted I can be . . . found my glasses but I can't find my dog book . . .which is why I'm still sitting at my computer...

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