Monday, January 26, 2009

Qualifying the earlier Group post

I saw the survey from Group and thought it might be worth looking at. If you weed through all the advertising and actually explore the material, you'll find some food for thought.

Their first couple paragraphs focusing on church as a business threw me alittle. Lesson: read first, then post link.

I struggle with thinking about church as "business. Part of me hates that. But I'm about as far from a business person as you can find. My husband, on the other hand is, among other things, very much a business man. But even he often gets upset about some of the "business" sides of church. I understand that we want to succeed. Workers deserve their wages. Yes, we have an obligation to serve one another. Yes, God already knows the needs of the people who come through our doors before they do and sometimes but we have to work hard to figure that out. Are we needs-based or mission-based or do the two have to overlap somehow?

So, I will go back and read it all because it sounds like material for some interesting posts between TCITB chapters. I also expect they've made interesting observations.

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