Monday, March 23, 2009

crafts for the Gospel of John?

We can do this! When people google "crafts for the book of John" . . . a couple of ideas . . .

1) Take a word. Cut the letters out. Arrange them on a blank piece of paper. Glue them down. Add lines and color to make a picture of what the word spells. Older kids can just take the letters in a word and draw them on the page to make a picture of what the words spell. You could also do it with clay.

2) "In my Father's House are many dwelling places... "
- Let each of the kids draw a picture then attach all the pictures to make picture of one big house with many rooms or places.
- Let each of the kids create a diorama of the place they want to live then attach them to make one big 3-D house.
- Take pieces of foam packaging and let the kids fill the spaces with pictures or clay people and furniture to show different rooms or places

3) Create a collage of all the things that God has made. Write "God made. . ." with a black marker in the center of the collage.
- Make it 3 dimensional. Instead of pictures, glue objects in a box or other container to make an assemblage of things that God has made.

4) Light & Dark projects or activities

5) Do skits and plays. For older kids, research the words and phrases like "Lamb of God" before hand to find out what that phrase would have meant to the people listening at the time.

6) Do a Gospel of John Bible story skit in class, then send the kids home to create something that will remind them of the story or something to give away. Have them bring their creation the following week for show and tell and see what impressed them about the story.

That's just a couple of chapters . . . just to get you going!

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