Monday, August 31, 2009

Activity ideas at Emerging Kids

Most of my rambling posts about activities are more about possibilities than take home projects...but in a nutshell (and I think this applies to every age):

Tell or read God's stories.

What concrete parts of the story can kids relate to? How can you help with that?

Depending on the age you're working with, do you need the big picture of the story or more details. I can get bogged down with details and miss the simple big picture. But both are important depending on the age and the individuals you're working with.

With all the different translations and personal differences, how do you handle God's Word as more than just a story like every other story?

How do you give the Holy Spirit room to work?

Each of us loves and remembers different kinds of learning activities. Think about the specific kids you have. What can you do with children to help them interact with the story so they take away more than a throw-away project? What can you do with children to help them remember the story?

How can you assess what each of your kids took away from the story? Is that important?

2 Tim 3:15 talks about the scriptures. I assume it includes God's stories.

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