Monday, August 24, 2009

a little sidetracked...

Started looking at the things that Jesus said to the 12 disciples. Got distracted when I read Matthew 10:42. Does that mean little ones were there, too?

So then I decided to look up "little ones." (A different word study than "child" or "children"). This word study list is from "" Does it mean there were little ones there? And what about all those other places that weren't neccessarily about children where that same word "little" was used? It's just interesting.

Then all those references made me think of Zechariah 4:10. I looked up the NAS cross references but then I was curious about that word and what other passages in the OT used the same word. Promises, warnings, (often inclusive & impartial) stories (including David, the little girl in the story of Naaman, the little boy who went with David to meet Jonathan, references to younger and youngest ) .

It's just interesting.

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