Monday, November 02, 2009

Character studies & activities

So that's just an example of a character study. How would you do it with a class? For what age? What would you focus on?

Depending on the age of your class, what can you do for activities when you do character studies? Art? Craft? Service? Science? Maps? History? Ancient culture? Drama? Can you make it Hands-On?

How much research will you do? Will you do it or will you let the kids do it? What did you, as teacher, take away from this learning experience? What did you discover about this character? What was his/her most memorable trait? or most memorable moment? What did you learn about God? What will you do to remember God and what He did?

How about your kids? How directive will you be? How much structure will you give them and how much room will you give them to make discoveries and let the Holy Spirit guide them, to open their eyes and let them see?

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