Monday, November 16, 2009

God-given senses

I suppose you could fall into traps focusing too much on sensory experience (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). I suppose theology, learning, sensory learning and sensory experience would be an interesting paper for someone to write. Not me. I would get lost and get you lost rather quickly.

Where I've been coming from is believing that we underestimate the value of using the five senses that God gave us as legitimate and important learning tools, especially for children-especially for young children. When we see the need in every other sphere of learning, why not in our learning about God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and His Word? Kids learn that way anyway. Most children begin interaction with and learn about their world through their senses. They grow sensory memories that become points of reference for new associations and new learning.

Why would this be less true if we're learning about God than it would be if we're learning something else? Why not maximize those elements in His stories if they point us back to Him? True. God is invisible. True. Scripture says that. But scripture also says He is creator and that there are things to learn about God through what He has created. The exact quote is here. Focusing on how we learn specifically about "his eternal power and divine nature" through what He's made would be an adventure, wouldn't it.

We will always have the children (people) who are more receptive to sensory learning than to other learning. God made them that way. I want to say He did it for a reason - whether we think we know what it is or not. He is an amazing and awesome God. He took a big chance. He sent Jesus, His own son to become a real human being with human senses. To me, that in itself says something about God. Remarkable! He chose to be "God with us" in more ways than we can ever know. He didn't have to become a human being. He could have come up with another plan (He's God, after all).

There is no other god like Him. Thank You, Lord, for coming to us as someone like us (yet still God and very very different) and then giving yourself to reconcile us to the Father. Thank You for all that Your hands have made and that we can be a part of that. Bless You Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

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