Sunday, November 29, 2009


"role play activities for toddlers and preschool to take initiative" - another google search that brought someone to Emerging Kids. Interesting...considering that most of us spend more time trying to redirect or inhibit toddler initiative...

What kind of initiative do you see in toddlers? in preschoolers? Initiative to encourage or discourage? How do you encourage it? How do you discourage it?

How do you grow and direct or develop child initiative? How much initiative do you allow a child?

Do you have good kids? Do you have problem kids? Does it have anything to do with initiative?

Who are your problem kids? Why are they problems? If you take them out of their boxes and describe what they're doing and why it bothers you can you come up with a plan to redirect that same energy/skill/interest so it's productive instead of disruptive - so it benefits the child and the people or environment around him/her?

Something to think about.

Ever think about Jesus - if, how, whether He encouraged those around Him to take initiative or were all His followers and all the "heros" of scripture just doing what they were told?

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