Friday, August 20, 2010

An interesting looking book at Concordia publishing:
3 in 1

Just to show you how out-of-the-loop I am, I noticed leveled readers on this site. If you have the money, what a great tool! Leveled readers would probably make great gifts or special rewards for some kids, too.


  1. The only challenge with using an apple as a model the Trinity (or any model for that matter) is that although it shows that the pieces of the apple are all part of the same apple, it still separates the pieces into different functions.

    A text I was reading recently spoke against that because it tries to give the different pieces of the Trinity different functions instead of accepting that they are all working simultaneously. Yes they appear to be having different functions (but that is our perspective) instead of that God is actually all three entities simultaneously while working through all simultaneously.

    Anyway...Not trying to be critical of that book because perhaps it might be a very helpful tool for helping children grasp a very complex concept. More of I am being critical of any model because they tend to be so limiting, and yet we begin to hold them very tightly in order to understand a difficult concept.

  2. Thanks Margie. Its been a long hiatus, but it feels good to be interacting with the outside world again!